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Pivot Pro Knife Sharpener with Pivot-Response and Convex-Carbide

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The Work Sharp Handheld Pivot PRO Knife & Tool Sharpener quick­ly and eas­i­ly restores fac­to­ry sharp­ness to knives and a wide range of edge tools. Convex-Carbide™ quick­ly restore a sharp edge; while the fine grit ceram­ic rods hone a knife edge to fac­to­ry sharp results. 

Pivot-Response™ allows you to con­trol how much mate­r­i­al is removed when sharp­en­ing; mak­ing it eas­i­er and more con­sis­tent. Includes two addi­tion­al ded­i­cat­ed sharp­en­ing mod­ules, one for fine edge lawn & gar­den tools and anoth­er for scis­sors and shears. Medium grit dia­mond plate pro­vides a quick solu­tion for sharp­en­ing a wide range of blades, includ­ing axes. 

The handheld design is effec­tive for use both on a workbench or coun­ter­top and out in the yard or at camp. Scissor and Shear sharp­en­er can be removed from han­dle for con­ve­nient use where and when you need it. Sharpens knives, scis­sors, gar­den tools, pruners, shears, and more. This sharp­en­er is a must-have for those who own knives and com­mon house­hold tools.

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Pivot Response™

Innovative Pivot Response Technology makes sharp­en­ing eas­i­er and more pre­cise by allow­ing the abra­sive to fol­low the curve of the blade when sharp­en­ing. It cre­ates a sharp and con­sis­tent edge along the entire length of the blade. Pivot Response Technology is avail­able in two ways: Convex Carbides and Bench Stones.

Convex Carbide™

Work Sharp’s exclu­sive Convex Carbide sharp­en­ing sys­tem cre­ates a supe­ri­or con­vex edge pro­file quick­ly and eas­i­ly. Convex edges cut smoother and hold their edge longer. Our Convex Carbides also pro­vide the inno­v­a­tive Pivot Response Technology. This allows the car­bides to fol­low the curve of the blade when sharp­en­ing and pro­vides increased con­trol of mate­r­i­al take off to restore a sharp edge quick­ly. Pivot Response can be locked out to pro­vide less mate­r­i­al take off for quick­ly restor­ing a light­ly dulled edge. Work Sharp’s inno­v­a­tive tech­nolo­gies allow you to take more con­trol of the sharp­en­ing results you want, with­out adding com­plex­i­ty. Our engi­neered sim­plic­i­ty puts the skill into the tool, so you get sharp­er edges faster.

Sharpening Angles


  • Outdoor Knives
  • Kitchen Knives
  • Serrations
  • Scissors
  • Lawn & Garden Tools
  • Camp Tools

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