Wind Bracing Kit

4-ft Bow Spacing

$114.00 USD

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Our Wind Bracing upgrade kit adds strength and rigid­i­ty to your Caterpillar Tunnel — allow­ing it to with­stand stronger winds. When paired with our Spring Wire upgrade kit, you also have the abil­i­ty to elim­i­nate the cone-shaped plas­tic bunch­ing at each end of your tun­nel. This can be help­ful with instal­la­tions where space is lim­it­ed — or where tra­di­tion­al, ver­ti­cal end­walls are desired. 

The Wind Bracing upgrade kit con­tains 8 flanged pipes and 16 brace bands with all nec­es­sary nuts and bolts. Wind Bracing should be installed at rough­ly 45° angles between the bot­tom of the third bow, and about 4’ high on the end bow (see photo).


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