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Level up your Tunnel Growing!

The new Caterpillar Tunnel Max brings the ben­e­fits of large green­house pro­duc­tion to your farm while still coming in an easy-to-assem­ble and afford­able kit! The new 21-ft wide Caterpillar Tunnel Max provides 50% more growing space than a standard 14-wide Caterpillar Tunnel allowing for a more efficient use of your growing space by having faster access to more beds under one roof. You’ll even gain better access to the far edges of your tunnel with increased side-wall height. Launching in mid-May with both Gothic and Classic styles.

The reservation window has closed. Click the "Notify Me" button below to be alerted as soon as stock becomes available.

Estimated Pricing

Final pricing will be announced later in April, but these numbers are a close estimate of what to expect with some of our most popular tunnel lengths.

30-ft Caterpillar Tunnel MAX$2,800.00
50-ft Caterpillar Tunnel MAX$3,950.00
100-ft Caterpillar Tunnel MAX$6,800.00
Quick Assembly
Quick Assembly
Competitive price per sq. ft.
Competitive price per sq. ft.
NRCS Eligible
NRCS Eligible
FREE SHIPPING to Contiguous USA!
FREE SHIPPING to Contiguous USA!


Increased strength to withstand the elements

Every Caterpillar Tunnel Max is made with larger 1 5/8" diameter bows (up from 1 3/8"), plus with the addition of a second purlin and a third wind bracing section on each corner, this tunnel is made to withstand the elements!

Maximize your Investment

Two Caterpillar Tunnel Max tunnels will cover the same growing space as three 14-ft wide Caterpillar Tunnels. This allows you to reduce the number of end walls needed and effort to ventilate the same amount of growing space by 33%.

All-season growing

Year-Round Crop Protection

Caterpillar Tunnels are often viewed pri­mar­i­ly as a sea­son exten­sion tool, but that’s real­ly only half of the sto­ry. Covered grow­ing space pro­vides year-round pro­tec­tion for your plants from things like rain, pests, frost, heat (when using shade cloth), wind, and even from dirt being splashed onto your plants in heavy down­pours. (Image shown with 14-ft wide Caterpillar Tunnel)

Rain Protection
Rain Protection
Pest Protection
Pest Protection
Frost Protection
Frost Protection
Heat Protection
Heat Protection
Wind Protection
Wind Protection
Cleaner Crops
Cleaner Crops

Why choose Caterpillar Tunnel Max?

More growing space under one roof

Stronger metal + strength upgrades

Year-round crop protection

Irrigate on YOUR sched­ule

Quick and easy assembly

Step-by-step instruc­tions with pic­tures + video

NRCS grant eli­gi­ble

Cheaper than DIY

Comes with all parts need­ed!

FREE SHIPPING on all tun­nels! (to contiguous USA)

5 out of 5 stars

If you are looking to maximizing your growing space on your farm, then the Caterpillar Tunnel Max is your answer. Designed with efficiency and productivity in mind, this new offering from Farmers Friend enables you to grow more produce on a small plot than any caterpillar tunnel on the market right now.

Ray Tyler
Rose Creek Farm

Customizable Length

All-New Length Options

We're thrilled to offer the Caterpillar Tunnel Max in an expansive range of length options! Whether you're working with a compact 30-ft plot or stretching out to a sprawling 110-ft, there’s a perfect Caterpillar Tunnel Max for your farm.

50-ft / 6-10 hrs assembly time
50-ft / 6-10 hrs assembly time
100-ft / 8-14 hr assembly time
100-ft / 8-14 hr assembly time


High profitability. Low cost. Free delivery.*

The Caterpillar Tunnel Max is one of the most cost-effec­tive options on the mar­ket — even when com­pared to DIY kits. Plus get FREE ship­ping right to your door on any tunnel size — regard­less of how many you order! Your plants will thank you.

*Free ship­ping to contiguous USA. Discounted ship­ping to Canada.

Assembly & Mobility

Easy up. Easy down.

With our in-depth instal­la­tion video and includ­ed step-by-step instruc­tion guide, this will be the eas­i­est tun­nel you’ve ever built. Two peo­ple can ful­ly assem­ble a 21′ × 30′ Caterpillar Tunnel Max in as few as 6 hours. Our Caterpillar Tunnel Max kits are movable by design to adapt to your farm's needs—including easy transport to a new farm location if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a reservation?

We're initially launching the Caterpillar Tunnel Max by taking reservations due to the long lead times for some parts and to accurately gauge interest, ensuring we produce enough for our early adopters. By announcing early, we hope to help you to plan better for the growing season, plus allow us to more efficiently meet your farm's needs and prioritize our most eager customers.

How long will the reservation window be open?

The reservation window was only open for one week and closed at 11:59pm on April 1st.

When will Caterpillar Tunnel Max be available?

We plan to begin shipping Caterpillar Tunnel Max orders in mid-May. Reservation holders will be given priority to complete their orders before opening up to the general public.

Will there be Gothic styles available?

Yes! The Caterpillar Tunnel Max is available in both Classic and Gothic styles.

Will there be a 4-ft bow spacing option?

Not exactly... We will only be selling the Caterpillar Tunnel Max in 5-ft spacing configurations, but if you really want to have a 4-ft bow spacing tunnel, you can simply buy a slightly longer tunnel and install your bows closer together. You'll essentially sacrifice length for strength. As an example, if you want a 48-ft tunnel with 4-ft bow spacing, order a 60-ft tunnel with 5-ft bow spacing and installed the bows closer together.

What end walls work with the Caterpillar Tunnel Max?

We are actively working on adapting most of our current end-wall products to be compatible with the Caterpillar Tunnel Max. At launch, we expect to have the DIY End Wall ready, as well as a scissor door kit, and possibly a Framed Double Zipper Door as well.

How does the reservation work?

When you place a $100 reservation order for the Caterpillar Tunnel Max, you will be added to a waiting list in the order your reservation was received. When the Max is ready to order, we will reach out via email and/or phone to invite you to confirm and complete your order. The earlier you get on the list, the sooner your tunnel will be ready to ship.

Is my reservation refundable if I change my mind?

Absolutely! The $100 reservation is fully refundable if you change your mind. Just reach out to us via email, live-chat, or phone and we'll be happy to process your refund.

When will I find out the final price?

We will announce finalized pricing by the time we launch in mid-May at the latest, and likely will be ready to share much sooner. Reservation holders will receive an email with the pricing update as soon as we have it.

What length options will be available?

Caterpillar Tunnel Max comes starts at 30-ft and is available in 10-ft increments up to 110-ft.

Will there be a pro version like the 14-ft and 16-ft wide Caterpillar Tunnels?

No. The pro package for our narrower tunnels adds two main features: a Lift Kit, and Cross Bars. The Caterpillar Tunnel Max is tall enough already that no Lift Kit is needed, and cross bars are not an option we currently have available for the Max.

Can I add roll up sides?

We don't currently sell an official roll-up sides kit for the Caterpillar Tunnel Max at this time, but you're welcome to DIY it yourself if this is important to you. There are many resources online to help get you headed in the right direction.

How will this tunnel hold up to wind?

Check out this article on Caterpillar Tunnels and wind over on our knowledge base.

How many 30” beds can I fit inside a Caterpillar Tunnel Max?

It depends on the width of your pathways. You can comfortably fit 6 beds with 12” pathways, and you could even manage to fit 7 beds with 8.5” pathways if you think the juice is worth the squeeze.

Does the Caterpillar Tunnel Max come with extra plastic to use for end walls?

No. But each Caterpillar Tunnel Max will include 10 extra feet of plastic (5-ft for each end) to give you enough extra wiggle room for easy installation. All of our end wall options will come with enough plastic to complete your door.

Tech Specs

Peak Height


12 feet, 11 inches


12 feet, 3 inches

Tunnel Width

21 Feet

Bow Diameter

1 5/8"

Plastic Width

42 feet

Purlin Type

1 ⅜” diam­e­ter 17-gauge gal­va­nized steel pipe

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This Max tunnel will be the best investment any grower can purchase!

5 out of 5 stars

Ray T.2 months agoVerified buyer

If you are looking to maximizing your growing space on your farm, then the Max Tunnel is your answer. Designed with efficiency and productivity in mind, this new offering from Farmer's Friend enables you to grow more produce on a small plot than any caterpillar tunnel on the market right now.

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