Do-It-Yourself Greens Blower Kit

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Need to set up a new greens wash­ing sta­tion but don’t know where to find key com­po­nents? You’ve come to the right place! The Do-It-Yourself Greens Blower Kit includes a qui­et blow­er to dri­ve your bub­bler, a spe­cial water­proof but­ton to turn it on and off, and all the hard­ware to set it up!

With this kit, all you’ll need is one trip to your local hard­ware store and you’ll be set for build­ing your very own cus­tom greens bubbler.

This kit contains:

  • 1 — Blower
  • 1 — Air but­ton and bracket
  • 1 — 5 ft sec­tion of 1/8‑in ID vinyl tubing
  • 6 — 1‑in #10 sheet met­al screws
  • 4 — Tubing clips

If you’re look­ing for a more com­plete kit, look out for our Greens Bubbler Kit com­ing up soon!

Assembly & Instruction Manual

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Air Blower Operation Manual