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  • Great for our Home Garden!

    By Nicholas M. from Williamsport, TN on June 11, 2020
    This review is from: Caterpillar Tunnel
    I love my high tun­nel! My fam­i­ly and I are home gar­den­ers in mid­dle TN. We grow year-round and have had our high tun­nel for a lit­tle over two years now. We have the Goth­ic Pro 14×50 ver­sion. We do our starts in there and grow a vari­ety of crops from car­rots to toma­toes. I do work for Farm­ers Friend, and I was not asked or com­pen­sat­ed for giv­ing this review. 
  • best valued tunnel out there. Simple easy setup.

    By shawn u. from Mud Dog Farm, LLC on April 20, 2018
    This review is from: Caterpillar Tunnel
    One of the best val­ued cater­pil­lar tun­nel out there. Have sev­er­al at 100′ length and we can’t be hap­pi­er. side wall height with­out the leg exten­sion was of con­cern but we have enough clear­ance at the edge to run our 749 BCS with the big wheels. So that you can com­fort­ably get full use of 14′. We’ve stretched ours out to 14′ 6″ to cov­er 4 30 inch beds plus 3 18 inch walk­way for a total of 14′ 6″. So no wast­ed space and extra 6 inch in width has­n’t hurt the hoops. Easy to assem­ble. It took only one per­son to get the thing up in about 12 a day. Skin for it I had to wait for real­ly calm day but not a prob­lem for a sin­gle per­son. Two peo­ple would def­i­nite­ly make it much faster and eas­i­er. Added brac­ing, sol­id purlins and leg exten­sion. You do need to think of anchor­ing the leg exten­sion, more rope, side wall cur­tain… but the added height made it worth­while for cucum­ber and toma­toes. In one tun­nel, 130 cucum­ber plants total down two mid­dle beds. Anoth­er tun­nel, 200 toma­to plants total down two mid­dle beds. The out­er beds of both tun­nel were plant­ed with pep­pers or with egg plants. We’ve also inter­plant­ed mus­tard and arrugla to boost prof­it per square feet. You do need to go back every few days to tight­en the rope when you first put it up because the rope will stretch for sev­er­al weeks ini­tial­ly. It’s about the only main­te­nance needed. 
  • Great Solution for Season Extension

    By Mary W. from Beautiful Edibles on December 19, 2017
    This review is from: Caterpillar Tunnel
    We explored var­i­ous options for our first Sea­son Exten­sion tun­nels. After look­ing at the prices and fac­tor­ing in our time to source all the sup­plies, this was the best cost solu­tion. We pur­chased a drill bit and the T‑posts for the ends. We installed over exist­ing East/​West beds in Octo­ber and expe­ri­enced 40 mph wind gusts out of the North­west the fol­low­ing week that loos­ened the plas­tic and ropes. We tight­ened every­thing down from the storm and had no prob­lems the next storm that hit. We have enjoyed har­vest­ing win­ter greens inside the tun­nels. We love that we can stand up inside! 
  • Wind problems and solutions

    By Laura D. from Little Beaver Nursery & Gardens, LLC. on December 15, 2017
    This review is from: Caterpillar Tunnel
    We often get high winds in the spring and ear­ly win­ter (the times of year when this tun­nel is nec­es­sary). I did speak with cus­tomer ser­vice before order­ing and we talked about the poten­tial changes to assem­bly. We spaced our bows only 4 feet on cen­ter, instead of 5, and it made the struc­ture much more rigid. We also have sand­bags on the edge of the plas­tic, spaced around the entire struc­ture. Even so, we ini­tial­ly had a lot of trou­ble with the plas­tic being too loose. We spent a few weeks repeat­ed­ly tight­en­ing the plas­tic and rety­ing it on the ends between the t‑posts. It takes just a lit­tle wind under­neath the plas­tic to catch it, and lit­tle by lit­tle it loosens the ends until they bal­loon up and down. The dra­mat­ic move­ment caus­es breaks and per­ma­nent creas­es in the plas­tic. For any­one in a windy area, this is our solu­tion: Buy some more rope. Make sure the ends are pulled as tight­ly as pos­si­ble and secured well. Tie one end of the rope to the last cara­bin­er and throw it over the plas­tic end. Loop it through the oppo­site cara­bin­er and pass the rope back over the plas­tic to the oppo­site side. Tie it off on the first cara­bin­er. Do this on both ends. Our fix caus­es some ten­sion on the purlin strap, but this has­n’t been a prob­lem so far. The rope just inhibits the con­stant up and down motion that even­tu­al­ly loosens the plas­tic. It has held pret­ty eas­i­ly for a month. If you don’t inhib­it this move­ment, the plas­tic degrades real­ly quick­ly, and it’s a pret­ty dis­ap­point­ing loss. One last note. I wish the plas­tic was about two feet wider. It would be so much more sim­ple to inhib­it the wind from sneak­ing in. 

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    • Mary Winstead on December 19, 2017
      This advice is appre­ci­at­ed and we will dis­cuss using this method. We had the same sit­u­a­tion the week­end after we installed with wind gust over 40 mph and the ends bil­low­ing up. We also used sand­bags, tight­ened the plas­tic and tight­ened the rope. Wider plas­tic would cut down on some of the wind drafts here also. 
  • Total game changer for modular and fast season extension

    By Curtis S. from Green City Acres on July 18, 2017
    This review is from: Caterpillar Tunnel

    FULLREVIEW: The cater­pil­lar tun­nel’s have been a cru­cial addi­tion to our farm this year. They’re real­ly sim­pli­fied the mod­u­lar, move­able, quick up and down green­house. Sea­son exten­sion has always been a chal­lenge for us on an urban farm, so poly low tun­nels have been our default for many years. We still use them a bit, but they just don’t han­dle the heavy winds and snow loads like these do. The way we have these set up at Green City Acres is a 50 foot tun­nel with the end bows run­ning at 45 degrees. This is the cre­ate an end that is short and fits com­pact­ly right into our urban plots. I even put one of these in my front yard this year. We also have each tun­nel set up with micro-sprin­klers, so no more hav­ing to hand water in our low tun­nels. This was a major time saver this year. It is pos­si­ble to build your own cater­pil­lar tun­nel, the com­po­nents are very sim­ple, how­ev­er, I do pre­fer to just have every­thing show up at my door and Farmer’s Friend have real­ly made the price so com­pet­i­tive, that I’d rather just order and have every­thing I need show up to my door.

  • Nice in theory; not in practice

    By AJ . from United States on June 11, 2017
    This review is from: Caterpillar Tunnel

    We have rocky shal­low soil, which made it impos­si­ble to put hoops per­fect­ly equidis­tant and rebar to same depth. If you can’t build it 100% per­fect­ly it becomes struc­tural­ly unsound. Noth­ing but trou­ble since we got it up. The ropes loosen in the wind, the hoops have bent out of shape, plas­tic has ripped, and the ends don’t stay neat­ly secure. Great design in the­o­ry, but if you farm in a place with rocks or winds, this is not a rea­son­able design.

  • Goes up FAST!

    By Erik G. from Even Pull Farm on April 23, 2017
    This review is from: Caterpillar Tunnel

    We bought two of these last win­ter and set them up over beds we had a tarp on in ear­ly spring. They have been a huge help this very wet and cool spring in Ore­gon. Dur­ing our set up we fol­lowed along with their well done YouTube video and were able to get the tun­nels set up real­ly quick­ly between rain events. We got the ridge line and tie down strings real­ly tight for a for a wind storm and they did amaz­ing with wind gusts well over 50 mph. The best part is that the kit comes with every­thing you need. We did­n’t need to make a sin­gle trip to the hard­ware store, a first for one of our farm projects! Thanks for mak­ing a great prod­uct — already think­ing of expand­ing our fleet!

  • Bought for early tomatoes and over wintering salad greens

    By Joe C. from Calvert Enterprises on March 15, 2017
    This review is from: Caterpillar Tunnel

    The kit goes togeth­er very eas­i­ly. It is very sim­ple yet a very nice kit. But like he said in the instruc­tion­al video don’t try to do it in the wind. I did it in the wind and we did make it hap­pen but it was a pain. Wait until the wind dies down and it will be very easy. Thank you for a great product!