Lift Kit

17-gauge / 50-ft Tunnel / 5-ft Bow Spacing

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Use the Lift Kit to raise the over­all height of your Caterpillar Tunnel 16 inch­es. Simply screw the addi­tion­al pipe lengths onto the bot­tom of your bows and, voila, your tun­nel is 16″ taller! It’s great for trel­lised crops like toma­toes or cucum­bers. It also makes your out­er beds more acces­si­ble. The kit uses the same rebar, anchor plates, and EZ-Clips that come with our stan­dard kit. It can actu­al­ly be retro­fit­ted on a stand­ing tun­nel as well! 

Note: The 28-ft or 32-ft wide plas­tic must be used with the Lift Kit in order for the plas­tic to reach the ground on both sides. The 28-ft or 32-ft wide plas­tic is now stan­dard on all tun­nels, but if you ordered your tun­nel before March 2018, you will like­ly need to order the wider plas­tic. Also, unless your tun­nel came with (2) 750-ft spools of rope, (100-ft tun­nel) or (1) 750-ft spool (50-ft tun­nel) you will need to pur­chase an addi­tion­al roll to accom­mo­date the extra height. 

Each kit includes self-tap­ping screws and:

  • 50-ft at 5‑ft spac­ing: 22 pieces
  • 50-ft at 4‑ft spac­ing: 26 pieces
  • 100-ft at 5‑ft spac­ing: 42 pieces
  • 100-ft at 4‑ft spac­ing: 52 pieces

Special Note: Correctly iden­ti­fy the gauge of the orig­i­nal tun­nel you pur­chased. Our 14-ft wide tun­nels are 17 AWG and our 16-ft wide tun­nels are 14 AWG. These gauges can­not be crossed-over as they are not compatible.

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